In this critical paper you must compare de Beauvoir’s position with the position of either Mill or Rawls. Your basic tasks are: 1. To determine whether Mill or Rawls’ account meets de Beauvoir’s standards for the realization of freedom 2. To explain why or why not 3. To present a thesis about Mill or Rawls’ position based on whether it is compatible or incompatible with de Beauvoir’s view. (You may want to criticize Mill or Rawls for failing to take into account certain aspects of freedom; you may want to argue that either Mil or Rawls’ position is better even though, or even because, it does not take de Beauvoir’s account of freedom into account, or you may want to argue that Mill or Rawls’ position could be supplemented by de Beauvoir’s thinking and attempt to explain how. Other options are also possible, and it is up to you to come up with your own thesis statement.)

This paper is a formal academic paper and should therefore include an introduction in which you present a thesis statement and explain how you will defend your view and a conclusion that restates and attempts to clarify your basic position.

Your paper should also include the following:
-An explanation of de Beauvoir’s account of freedom and an explanation of some the difficulties in the domain of action that this position highlights.
-An account of Mill or Rawls’ basic position, as well as what you take to be important features of their work.
(Note that those first two tasks do not ask you to include your opinion of either position.)
-A comparison of de Beauvoir and Mill or Rawls in which you explain the differences between each position and argue that the positions are either compatible or incompatible.
-A presentation of your own thesis about the political merit of one or more of the views you present. (You are not required to endorse any one position, but you must give reason for your claims, and those reasons should draw what you will have presented in the body of y

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