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Philosophy of Sustainable Development - Accurate Essays

Philosophy of Sustainable Development

Philosophy of Sustainable Development
Please prepare a cohesive, personal philosophy statement on the topic of sustainable
It is important that each person have an organized view of what sustainable development
means (and does not mean) to them. There are many different opinions on the meanings of
both sustainability and development. In addition, it is important for teachers and others to
have a clear view of how concepts of sustainable development fit into their overall view of
technology itself. It can be very difficult to integrate any new philosophical concepts into an
existing curriculum unless the teachers have a clear view of what those concepts mean to
Develop a statement that includes your personal framework of beliefs related to sustainable
development. The average statement will probably be 350 – 700 words long, but length is
not a key requirement. You are to express a coherent view of how you feel concepts of
sustainable development fit into your overall beliefs about technology and education (or your
own discipline). You may be as general or specific as you like. The result of this effort
should not be a direct rehashing of anything presented in the course either by the professors
or by the readings, but rather, the results of your digesting these ideas and using them to
challenge and/or reinforce your current beliefs.

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