Pick a creative title

Pick a effective  editorial on teenage pregnancy/


Intro should not be a summary of editorial. How you felt about it. Like it or hate it/

2ng paragraph summary context major arguments person said

How did this editorial convince you?

What opinion did you have before how do you think now?

Agree or disagree within the paper something you anti believe / against opinion

3 full pages

Engage with editorial.

Any fallacy’s false cause, logical fallacy’s.. etc

No fallacy’s state how facts are right

Creative title.

Something you anti believe/ against opinion

  1. Who  is the writer?
  2. Role of position ( do for a living? Pro or anti?
  3. Attending audience
  4. Experience prompted writer to write
  5. Issue being addressed
  6. Position writer takes
  7. Major claim? Thesis x,y,z resulting of A
  8. Claim qualified is it a fallacy?
  9. Evidence to support claim
  10. How good these reasons are evidence
  11. Why do you trust or distrust
  12. Offer any refutations refute what their saying
  13.  How effective refutations? Persuasive? Unpersuasive




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