The task for this journal entry is to learn about podcasting

Start off by doing a little Internet research to determine what podcasting is.

From one of the locations below, choose 3 different audio/video podcasts of interest to you (at least one video and one strictly audio). Try to include a mix of fun and intellectual. Listen to at least 1 episode of each podcast you choose.

ITunes Store (podcasts are free, and this is the simplest approach)

Podcast Alley http://podcastalley.com/

The Podcast Directory http://www.podcast.net/
If you have (or don’t mind installing) iTunes, you can listen to your podcasts using it – or any iDevice. This is the simplist way to accomplish this

Otherwise you might need to install an aggregator (podcast alley has decent instructions once you select a podcast)

In your journal entry, be sure to identify and evaluate the podcasts you watched/listened to. Reflect on your experience with podcasting, and consider how this technology fits and/or contrasts with other methods for presenting, and gather information we’ve looked at so far.

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