discuss the relationship between technique,form, and content in two poems studied. The two poems are “Sonnet 130” by Shakespeare and “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning. Discuss the relationship between technique, form, and content in two poems studied in this course. Consideration should be given to how technical devices such as diction, form, rhyme, allusion, imagery, assonance, etc. are all parts of poetic meaning.

LENGTH : 1,500 (6 Pages)
DUE DATE : March 1st 2011
Value: 10 %
Format: Typed, one-side only; double spaced; use parenthical documentation (MLA), not footnotes

Use atleast 4 Secondary Sources (Online sources are not to be included in this number)

I also need a works cited page. Should be double spaced, and when ever the poems are mentioned the title should be underlined.

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