political and intelligence studies

Considering intelligence reform and accountability compare and contrast Australia’s history since World War II with either that of the United States or the United Kingdom.  Provide a critical assessment of the two, covering where and how they are similar, as well as where and how they are different.  Based on expert opinion and research, critically analyse and argue what further reforms are needed and why.  Support your assertions with at least 20 academic/government report reference documents.

Demonstrates an understanding of the assignment task and answers all aspects of the assignment question.


Provides solid critical analysis of the subject matter, offering alternative assessments and clearly justifying positions taken.  Demonstrates insight on events supported by referenced academic and expert evidence/opinion.

Structure and Organisation:

Logical and clear structure (not rambling from point to point). Effective introduction (describing what will be covered and how) and Conclusion (concisely summing up main arguments) sections included.  Adheres to word limit:  3,000 words (+/ – 10%).

Expression, Grammar and Presentation:

Good sentence and essay structure, concise writing, correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.  Effective use of words; use of “academic writing” conventions.


The analysis is supported by at least 20 unique academic references (peer-reviewed journal articles, government reports), using Oxford referencing.  Quotations are used sparingly.  Correctly formatted footnotes (inc exact pg #s) and Bibliography included.  All sources used are cited correctly.  Signed plagiarism declaration provided

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