For this assignment, you will need to identify a timely scientific topic, or one that is otherwise of interest to you. You will also need to have a specific question about that topic. Once you identified the topic and your question about it, you will need to conduct a Literature Review. To do so, you will identify, read, and annotate 20 references relevant to both your topic and question about that topic.
Once you completed your Literature Review, you will author a scientific report. This report will follow the IMRAD (Introduction, Methods, Results And Discussion) format. You must introduce the topic using the following four moves:
1-Announce the topic.
2-Show importance by citing/situating in past research.
3-Show a gap in the current. knowledge/understanding.
4-Show how your work fills that gap.
Describe the materials and methods you used to collect the relevant sources to the extent necessary for replication of your search, present the results of your search and review, and provide a discussion of those results. The content of your discussion section will depend almost entirely on the research question you present in your introduction (i.e. the purpose/what you hope to discover by conducting the literature review). You are also responsible for developing a cover page, abstract, and references section. This report must be between 8 and 9 double-spaced pages (not counting the title page, with the abstract on the same page as the introduction, and with the references section counting as two pages regardless of its actual length). You must have  margins and use 12pt Times New Roman.Notes:
*You may use any Style for your references and citations, but you must identify that style and use it consistently throughout the manuscript. If you are unsure which Style to use, use MLA.
**The focus of this assignment is on your writing and use of scientific writing conventions. Therefore, you should not use figures. A table might be appropriate if it is useful in highlighting key findings that answer your research question.

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