PR Campaign to get people involved in Autism walk

Your final paper will include a literature review/rationale (3-4 pages), methods section (1 page), results/findings/formative research section (2-3 pages), and discussion/conclusion (3-4 pages)where you will (1) evaluate your findings with reference to existing literature, (2) propose a campaign strategy that builds off of your findings, and (3) suggest directions for future research. Remember to draw from your project proposalto begin the rough draft of your final paper and that you are currently conducting formative research which you will analyze in your findings section. For the last section of your paper, I suggest you draw from the textbook chapters we discussed at the beginning of the semester (on the elements of a successful campaign). This is your opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and demonstrate your ability to create a communication campaign (which will be useful if you are applying for internships or jobs in PR).

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