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Pricing and Distribution in Marketing Decisions (SLP) - Accurate Essays

Pricing and Distribution in Marketing Decisions (SLP)

Answer the following questions in an essay about Southwest Airlines:

(1) Briefly describe the pricing strategies implemented by the company.

(2) Given the company’s target market, explain why you think these pricing strategies will or will not motivate customers to buy and continue to buy.

(3) Discuss the role of discounts in this company’s strategy. If discounting and price cutting would not be appropriate, explain.

(4) Briefly explain the distribution strategy for this product: how does it fit with the designated target market? Is there an incongruency with the store or other outlet?

This paper needs an introduction, subheadings throughout, and a conclusion.


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hen established companies launch a price war, they generally believe that prices will eventually rise again. But psychologically and practically, price increases can be much trickier than price cuts. Throw a stubborn attacker into the mix, and incumbents can find themselves trapped in unsustainable price structures. This article from 2001 shows companies how to analyze the four main factors in pricing decisions: competitors’ prices, switching rates, the value of customers, and costs to serve. These factors may seem obvious, but the authors’ time-tested ideas about them are not.

Available on 2011 March 17 at
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Do you think that lowering prices will drive more customers to your business? Do this paper exercise first to make sure you really know what you’re doing. How many daily washes at $11.00 for each wash will you need to earn the dollar profit you are earning when you charge $12.50 for each wash?

Available on 2010 November 24 at
With Its New Music Storage and Player, Can Amazon Deliver in the Cloud?
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