Professional Philosophy of Health Education

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500 words only!! (put the word count in parenthesis following your philosophy–at the end of the paper.

**Consider dominant health education philosophies and think about which one of these may ring true for you (how do people learn and become motivated to make change). Philosophy will also be based on your personal experiences. Things you have learned in other health classes, and your relationships with others (including mentors). Philosophy should describe what I believe about health and the goals of health education. It should include site (where I want to work: wanting to work in health care management at a hospital), population (community level), and content. This philosophy of Health Education is the professional compass that directs your practice as a health educator.

Information that can help possibly:
*Experience: I am a respiratory therapist working in a hospital now. i’ve participated in a health expo, I’ve volunteered in serving homeless food during the holidays.

***I’ve uploaded a philosophy template that could be useful.

My Professional Philosophy of Health Promotion and Health Education

First and foremost, I believe that…(explain and expand). This belief stems from my …(explain and expand).

When I examine the range of health problems facing Americans today, and especially (identify a group), I believe that the best way to resolve these is to focus on… (micro or macro interventions? …or a combination?) because… (expand/explain).

The educational philosophy I am most comfortable with is… ( the Cognitive approach? Freeing functioning approach? Decision-making approach? etc. See chapter 3). To me, this means I would focus on…. because….. (expand/explain).

From a social ethics standpoint, I consider myself a … (utilitarian, contractarian, egalitarian, libertarian) because……

Finally, when it comes to professional ethical conduct, I believe that… (see the Code of Ethics)…(expand/explain).

How will these beliefs manifest themselves in my professional behavior as a health education specialist? It is clear that I will prefer working in an agency or program that…(expand/explain), working with clients who… (expand/explain).

When faced with difficult choices regarding sharing limited resources with a needy public, I would choose to… (expand/explain).

When faced with an ethical dilemma such as …(name one) I would most likely… (describe how you would handle an ethical dilemma).

In conclusion, it is clear that I am a person who stands for…  and will…


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