Project Management

The Assignment This assignment is adapted from the textbook “An Introduction to

Project Management”, 3rd edition, Kathy Schwalbe, page 32,

exercise #2, but the students should follow the instructions

presented on this document and not the textbook.


You have to interview a real project manager; responsible for managing a project within

an organization (cannot be a personal or family project). During the interview, you have

to understand the scope of the project and get information about time, cost, risks, human

resources, quality, procurement, and communications management. Once you gather all

information, you should prepare a paper describing your point of view about the project,

using your own words.

This should not be merely a summary of your interview containing a description of what

the person said. Rather, it should be your understanding and point of view of what you



Describe the basic information of the project (9 knowledge areas) under the

context of the project objective.

– Did the project manager follow the PM best practices you learned in class? Why

do you think so?

– Was the project successful or a failure? Explain why.

– What is your evaluation of this project manager performance managing the team?

How did s/he solve conflicts?

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