Project manegement assignment

Most organizations make use of a range of methodologies in their IT projects. These included methodologies for the management of the overall project and methodologies (or approaches) for the development of the deliverables. In recent years Agile development methodologies and approaches have become popular with many organizations with the SCRUM method proving to be particularly popular. For many larger IT project teams, SCRUM represents a significant departure from their usual development practices and hence has implications management of the projects of which the deliverables are part. To complicate matters further, some aspects of the SCRUM methodology overlap with aspects of the traditional PMBOK based methodologies, which can be a source of problems, confusion and tensions on projects The use of these methodologies in an organization is often driven by a range of reasons, with the desire to improve the likelihood of project success being among the most important, however many IT managers, PMOs and project managers are uncertain just how the use of Project Management methodologies does improve project success. Given that issues with overlap between some deliverable development methods and project methods and the uncertainty over how the use of Project management methodologies impact project success, it is worthwhile undertaking some investigation of these areas so to understand the current thinking in these areas.
Write no more 2500 word report that:
1. describes the key features of the SCRUM methodology and outlines where SCRUM is being used; (20% from 2500 word)
2. Discusses the difficulties that the use of the SCRUM methodology could present in a PMBOK based IT project management environment^ and explains how you think these difficulties could be overcome (if at all); ) How do think input be successful) and How they can be successful so general discusses not methodology (30% from 2500 word) and –
3. Explains how the use of Project Management methodologies are seen improve the likelihood of project success and discusses how the difficulties you addressed in part two (above) might (if at all) impact that improvement(40% from 2500 word).
Feel to free to use examples to illustrate your answer. The report must note any assumptions you make.
No more than 2,500 words
(((Please Feel free to make whatever use of tables, figures and diagrams that you believe appropriate))))
Note that coversheet details, bibliography and any appendices you may care to attach are excluded from the word count.
Sources of Information:
• starting point should be the text – this will provide references to other literature.
– In regard to finding out about SCRUM, the main SCRUM website is the best place to start
• Access to journals and papers is via Sirius (accessible from the UNSW Library website). The database of most use are:
– ABI/Inform
– IEEExplore
– Science Direct
• The use of resources of the PMI and other professional bodies is encouraged
• The use of practitioner journal and magazine is encouraged
• The use of white papers and the like from organizations is encouraged

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