Psalms 35 verse 19 and john chapter 15 verses 24-25

For this paper you are to write an analysis of the use of a Old Testament passage as prophecy in a New Testament book. You need to discuss in detail the passage in the Old Testament in this case that passage would be Psalms 35. It needs to include when it was written, why it was written, and how scholars have interpreted it. This section is not suppose to mention anything that has to do with Christianity.The next part is to discuss how the passage from the Old Testament  appears in the New Testament and in this case that would be to discuss John chapter 15 verses 24-25 and needs to discuss the meaning of the passage in the new testament. You would analyze this the same was as I mentioned above on how to analyze the Old Testament passage. This paper however can not include any internet references the sources need to be from book more specifically books that deal on the Bible commentary, such as Jerome Bible Commentary or the Anchor Bible Commentary.

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