aAssignment  (850-1000 words)

Your Spirituality of Assisted Living
Based on the readings and your own experience, in this assignment you are invited to write a short reflection paper in which you formulate your own spirituality of assisted living. The following questions may help you structure your reflections:

1. How do you understand the meaning of the word spirituality?

2. What, if any, religious beliefs, symbols, images and values order that spirituality?

3. How do you see yourself as a spiritual being?

4. How do you see your relationships as sources of spiritual development and transformation?

5. How do your relationships with persons with disabilities invite you to grow spiritually? How do they invite or nurture others to grow spiritually?

6. How does your practice of assisted living reflect your personal spirituality? What “inspires” your care for others?

7. What disciplines or practices do you follow to deepen in self-awareness, presence to others and the fostering of life in your practice of assisted living?

8. How would you describe the “art” of assisted living? How does your understanding of care and the building of community inform this art?

9. How does your practice of assisted living inform your perspective on society and its transformation towards greater inclusion, friendship and empowerment of persons with disabilities?

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