Your 2 page paper content should include information on the 4 required topics given for your client. It should also include information on the 2 optional topics of your choice.
Your paper should actually have a total of 5 pages, as per APA style:

a) Cover Sheet
b) Abstract page
c & d) Your 2 FULL pages of required content topics. **PLEASE NOTE – You will lose points for giving only partial pages of content.**
e) Reference page – Make sure to read what is required for your references since you will lose points if these are not done. You can find this info in your Final Research
Module on the left of your screen.

Subject family – The Riveras are a “blended family”. In addition, they are now part of the “Sandwich generation”. They live together in a small 3 bedroom home in Poincianna, Fl.
-Father, Jerome, is 51 and is a janitor at the local school. He is worried that his job may be at risk since he has been missing work due to recent health problems. Jerome is the father of both children. He and his current wife have been married for 4 years.

-Mother, Matilde, is 31. She has not worked since the birth of their youngest child and is now also responsible for taking care of Jerome’s mother, Aida, who is living with them. Matilde is the biological mother of Audrey, an 11 month old female. She is also stepmother to Jerome’s son, David, who lives with them during the school year.

-Grandmother, Aida is 80. Six months ago, she came to live with her son’s family, after having a fire in her own home. Jerome told her she could not live by herself any longer. She still helps Matilde some around the home, but Matilde and Jerome have agreed Aida cannot take care of the children alone. Aida has episodes where she seems to “space out”. During these episodes, she does not respond to questions and may not make eye contact with people. Often, during these, her face will even get distorted.

– Son, David, is 16. His mother sent him to live with Jerome and Matilde when he was 14, after mother remarried. He often has conflicts with Matilde and will yell at Aida and Audry. He does not want to go to school and spends most of his day either in his room or outside the home with friends.

– Daughter, Audry, is 11 months old. She is an outgoing child and hugs everyone. She seems to be very attached to her grandmother and wants to spend a lot of time with her. She cries when she cannot stay with her grandmother or when her brother yells at her. David makes fun of her because she cannot sit up yet by herself. He tells her she is ugly.

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