From “Casebook in Childhood Behavior Disorders” 4ed by Christopher A. Kearny answer the following question.

From Chapter 5, answer question 7:
What influence do you think Andrea’s boyfriend had on the development and maintenance of her eating problems? Would involving her boyfriend in the therapy process be a good idea? Why or why not? If yes, how might you do so?

From 7, answer question 7:
Gisela’s parents resisted having their daughter evaluated. How might you address parents like these in the case of a child with a possible learning disorder?

From Chapter 11, answer questions 1 and 5:
1. Separating children with autism from children with moderate mental retardation, children with Asperger’s disorder, and children with severe learning disabilities can be difficult. What symptoms and behaviors would you rely on most to make these distinctions?
5.A key issue in treating people with disabilities is their (in)ability to give informed consent. Should a person with disabilities be subjected to educational, behavioral, or even aversive treatment without their expressed consent? What if the person engages in life-threatening behaviors?

Please refer to the reading when answering the questions. Be sure to answer all parts of the question. Assign each question its chapter and its number.

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