Psychology Case Study Analysis

Complete the following:
1.Provide the following in your paper:
◦An introduction that includes a brief summary and background information of the chosen case. (Include the chapter number for your case study. Do not write out the entire description of the case).
◦The primary issue(s).
◦The presenting challenge(s).
◦Identification of possible theory- or research-based alternatives for why the presenting challenge has occurred.
◦A description of the intervention process. (Use developmental theory to support your intervention).
◦A conclusion.

2.Use relevant lifespan development theories to analyze the case. Each of the case studies includes a set of questions that can guide your reflection on the pertinent issues for the particular case. Think about the circumstances in which you might be asked to address the case within your specialization. For example, clinical/counseling or general psychology specializations might be asked to focus on the social and emotional issues, while educational or child and adolescent psychologists might focus more on the classroom issues. Industrial/organizational psychologists might be asked for advice from employees who are parents, while sport psychologists might be asked by coaches or physical education instructors for advice on how they might contribute to resolving the issues presented in the case.
3.Evaluate, synthesize, and integrate your knowledge of lifespan development to support your case study.
4.Include a minimum of five scholarly sources as references.
5.Submit a professional document, in APA style, that includes the following required elements: ◦Title page.
◦Abstract (minimum of 150 words, not exceeding 250 words).
◦Introduction (not to exceed one-half of a page).
◦Body (not to exceed 4 pages).
◦Conclusion (not to exceed one-half of a page).
◦References page.

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