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Public Pension Replacement Rates

Public Pension Replacement Rates
Review Figure 5-5 in Chapter 5 of the Aging and Life Course textbook. Social Security in the U.S. is often the most significant income program available for the elderly. When looking at replacement income for prior earnings, note that the United States ranks 26th on the list, while Greece is 3rd. What are some of the causes of this variance? Keep in mind that Greece has recently had its national debt restructured by the European Union to avoid national bankruptcy. What is the role of its Public Pension Replacement Rates on its debt burden? Support your reasoning with information from the text and from at least two other academic resources, one of which is an article you obtained from the Ashford Online Library(proquest). Make sure to cite your sources in the text and on the reference page in proper APA format. Your paper must be two to three double-spaced pages in length (excluding title and a reference pages).
This is the text: Quadagno. (2010). Aging and the Life Course: An Introduction to Social Gerontology (5th ed). The McGraw−Hill Companies, Inc.
chapter 6 and some of 7 was sent with last assignment

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