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Public Welfare-to-work programs - Accurate Essays

Public Welfare-to-work programs

Provide an outline of 3 successful public welfare-to-work programs in the country and the detailed methodology used in each of the following studies: The paper must only focus on the methodology of the studies.

  1. State the Goal of study and the plan for each program.
  2. State the exact data collected: from public organizations (U.S. Census, state websites)  surveys, interview questions, questionnaires, observations, etc used in the study, .
  3. Indicate the systems used: weekly updates, monthly update, annual or biannual updates and how each study differed in the second try versus the first.
  4. Indicate whether reward performance system was used in each study.
  5. Indicate number of  participants, male , female (and geographical areas used in the study)
  6. State the detailed outcomes of each study
  7. State whether or not one or multiple programs were studied in one research
  8. Conclusion: How the three studies/programs address the issues of welfare-to-work clients and how it will help in improving welfare-to-work in nj.
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