Qualitative Research Methods

Read background materials provided, as well as, articles you search on your own, and identify ONE example of EACH of these types of studies:

– Ethnography

– Grounded Theory

– The Case Study

– Action Research

Then address the following issues:

a) describe the methodology identified in EACH study; discuss the basic characteristics of each methodology

b) describe the sample population of EACH study; explain the process by which the sample population was selected in each study

c) describe the type of results the researchers got in EACH study; are the results aligned accurately to the particular methodology used (explain your answer)

(d) critically reflect on the methodology, sample population, and results of each study and discuss potential shortcomings that you may have observed. Please provide justification for your conclusions.

(e) demonstrate understanding of context and purpose of the assignment by bringing all required elements (described above) to the discussion.

Important Point: Your case assignment should clearly demonstrate your understanding of the important distinctions among these four methodologies.

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