Race, class and the war on drugs.

Introduction: The introduction should explore the background to the body of the paper that will follow. In a few sentences at the end of the introduction, describe why you choose your particular topic and why it is important.

Main body: This is the major presenation of the thesis of the paper and it should be liberally strutted with sub-headings that will logically lead the reader through the development of your discussion. The main body should consist of a literature review. i.e an account of what has been published on your chosen topic by accredited scholars an researchers. You should also include specific considerations such as: 1) what population/group does this issue/problem affect the most? 2)who (if anyone) benefits from this issue/problem and how?

Conclusion: conclusion should summarize the thesis of your paper. You should also address the policy implications of your research. That is, what might be some solutions/corrective to the problem/issue you have addressed?

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