Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension
i) For a minimum of five reading comprehension teaching strategies, develop             a graphic organizer that would support student learning. Include your                 rationale: specify the potential benefits of using this particular graphic                 organizer in each case.
ii) APA format is not required, but solid writing skill in APA style and a title             page are expected. The graphic organizers may be done in bullet format.
Morrow, L. (2009). Literacy development in the early years: Helping children read and write (6th ed.). Boston: Pearson.
Chapter 6

Rasinski, T. V., & Padak, N. D. (2008). From phonics to fluency: Effective teaching of     decoding and reading fluency in the elementary school (2nd ed.). Boston: Allyn &     Bacon. ISBN-13: 9780205503087 ( Note: Chapters 1,3,6, and 7 only)

Electronic Resources:
a)  None

a) Marcell, B. (2006). Comprehension clinchers. Teaching K-8, 36(8). 66-67.     rue&db=aph&AN=20534648&loginpage=Login.asp&site=ehost-live&scope=site

Web Sites:
b) LearningPage.

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