Reading Journal

Read EAST EATS WEST: WRITING IN TWO HEMISPHERES BY Andrew Lam from page 5 to page 22

JOURNALS MUST BE TYPED (no less than one and a half pages – short not accepted)
The novel Secret Life of Bees is fiction (created)

Name ______________________________
Date ______________________________
Journal # & Pages ____________________ (example: Journal #1, pgs —)

Main points.
• Lily is 14

Summary: (1/2 page)
(use main points for summary, use present tense, use direct sentences; do not include opinions).
In the novel, Secret Life of Bees, the main character, Lily, …

Personal Response: (1/2 page)
(use your opinions, observations, feelings, experiences, culture, society – connect yourself with the story – explain your thinking)
I believe that children like Lily live in great pain and it makes me sad. In my opinion, schools should pay attention to children like Lily.

Questions: (type two questions related to the novel for class discussion)

Vocabulary: (choose one word per week)
Type each word and its definition
Words to be used in the word game Scrabble

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