reading response (poem)

check the grammar mistake and add some content of my draft , but not too lone , make it more fluency when read


The poem “For the sake of strangers “written by Dorianne Laux describes a series of strangers and their treatment of the grieved person. In the first line of the poem he states” No matter what the grief, its weight, we are obliged to carry it”. This opening line gives me an impression of cruel fact, no matter how bad things happen; we have no choice but accept it, since we cannot change it. When a calamity come to us, someone choose to leave, someone choose to stay. In spite of the fact that bad things happen already, Laux choose the latter one. She states “We rise and gather momentum, the dull strength that pushes us through crowds.” Instead of flees, she decide to fight to the adversity, strength is gathered in the crowds of strange people, they may not know each other, but in this moment they are not strangers to the author’s pain. They have compassion for her because they have felt grief too. The next line “And then the young boy gives me directions so avidly” gives us the hope that someone will help us go through this sorrow. In life we often come to a dilemma when we have make a decision, that is the moment someone shows up and pointing the right way for us, help us to make a wise decision. Yet we aren’t all that lucky to get helped when at such a situation. That’s why there is such little people success while most people still struggling. The next two lines “A woman holds the glass door open, waits patiently for my empty body to pass through” stands out a scene that a woman holds the door, waiting for the speaker to enter. This two lines makes a comparison to the last line that a young boy leading the way, all of this lines are saying that good things will happen when we facing difficulties, we shouldn’t lose our faith, no matter what happens, because there is always hope, always someone will help us to go through the difficulties.

The next few lines of the poem have changed the tone of the poem from sorrow to goodness. “All day it continues, each kindness reaching toward anther- a stranger singing to no one as I pass on the path, trees offering their blossoms, a retarded child who lifts his almond eyes and smiles.” The part of poem has overall beautiful feelings and gives us inspiration and encouragement. Although this poem is about an individual who is struggling with emotional pain, but these lines creates a picture of hope as Laux describes trees and flowers and songs which are admirable to the stranger at this moment. Life is simple yet not simple at all, when our life is filled of pain, sorrows and struggles, life is not that simple. But if we live with leisure and free, with nothing to worried and nothing to complain, life is simple. The end of this poem has just leaved us the question like this, “this temptation to step off the edge and fall weightless away from the world”. The world is trying to rescue us from ourselves, from our own self-absorption. We lived either way, we either step off the edge and fall weightless away from the world or we fall into the abyss of the world with annoyance and self-accusation.

This poem impresses me with its idea of how a stranger can affect our life. I am constantly finding myself thinking about how Laux trying to express her meaning in this poem. As I said, this poem is telling us that never ignore a stranger we encounter, we never know who we face that can make your life total different.

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