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Redundancy, Coherence, and Personalization Jigsaw - Accurate Essays

Redundancy, Coherence, and Personalization Jigsaw

**Part 1
Redundancy, Coherence, and Personalization Jigsaw

Depending on the first letter of your last name, examine the principle you are assigned, Describe the principle and any challenges associated with implementing it principle in a JIT training/learning activity. Describe at least one example to illustrate how this principle could be applied in a JIT training/learning activity.

A-K: Redundancy Principle

**Part 2
Business/Institutional Needs

Read the following situations:

Situation A: Bill is manager at a major retailer. He has experienced high turnover this year, and has therefore had to spend a lot of time (both his, and any remaining employees’) training the new employees, mostly on the company’s customer database. The navigation for this database isn’t very intuitive, so there’s a steep learning curve. Further, the database is extremely intricate, in that there are several navigation options, each with its own set of sub-pages. Bill’s existing employees keep getting interrupted by the new employees several times each day with questions about this database.

Situation B: Jane is the Assistant Principal at a local elementary school. With dozens of faculty and staff members, she finds that updating them on the newest policies and procedures can be time consuming. Further, it seems that many policies and procedures aren’t needed right away, so faculty and staff are forced to remember everything they are told until the time it needs to be applied.

Select one situation to discuss. Identify the specific problems and needs in this situation and describe at least one Just-in-Time training solution that might fulfill those needs. Justify your proposed solutions with an explanation that is supported from the readings.

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