Reflective exercise

Each student should reflect on a time where s/he experienced ‘cultural dissonance’ – that is, when s/he has felt uncomfortable because of a change in the cultural environment. S/he might have experienced cultural dissonance when s/he went on holiday to a foreign country; studied abroad, worked overseas or even had interactions with people from a foreign country.
In no more than 500 words, as an MGT2IMG student do the following:
o Discuss the nature of the interaction that caused the experience of a cultural dissonance
o Explain how you responded to this dissonance. How did it make you feel?
o Based on your reflection on this experience, are you ethnocentric or polycentric? What do you think the implications of your level of ethnocentrism are?
o Relate the above to and highlight what would be the relative challenges to the International Managers who carry out their roles across country borders.
o As well, identify and explain the value differences (e.g. the local meaning or value of work) that would frequently affect job behaviours. Distinguish the major dimensions which do define the cultural differences among societies or groups in the regards.

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