Regenerative Studies

Each student will select a southern California city and research either its resilience, following up on the ideas in the Newman et al text, or the environmental justice issues it faces, following up on the ideas in the Hill text. City choice and theme (resilience or environmental justice) will be on a first come first served basis. Cities and themes chosen and approved will be posted on Blackboard.
The emphasis in this assignment should be on the organizational aspects rather than the scientific or technical aspects. For example, you might include an analysis of a city’s solar energy or community garden program, but you would talk about the ORGANIZATION of it (number of employees involved, public participation, budget, plan, evaluation, etc.), not defining solar energy or explaining a particular gardening technology, etc. Seek answers to questions like how and why was this program formed, what does it do, what are its successes, what are its challenges, etc. For an environmental justice paper, the analysis should focus on comparisons, statistics, and instances of environmental justice social movements and/or lawsuits.
The research proposal should make a clear and specific statement of the topic, and should identify at least 10 appropriate websites and other written articles or documents, at least two places where field observations will take place, and at least three people active in the subject area who have agreed to be interviewed. These might be activists, government officials, or other types of organizers.

II. Overview of topic area and links to topics of environmental justice and resilient cities
III. Main body
IV. References to documents, articles, websites
V. Appendix of typed interview and field observation notes. (Note: This section is NOT to be included in the page count for the main paper).

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