Answers should be typed, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, and grammatically correct. Essays should have a logical structure developing your points. Be sure you have a beginning, middle, and a conclusion. Explain what you say and define terms. Place all direct quotes in quotation marks and give the author and page number in parentheses after the quote, for example (McMahon 20). Don just string quotes or terms together, but explain them in your own words to show that you have thought about them. Although you may use external material, the purpose of the exam is for you to show your own knowledge; therefore, responses should be your work alone.

Here is the question I am supposed to write on.

2. One aspect of the war in Vietnam is the way the frontier hero myth of American culture has played a role in our thinking about Vietnam. From the article “Leather stocking in Nam,” briefly describe the components of the hero journey and discuss its connection to Platoon, Ramboo II, and Vietnam. How does the article use the myth to explain the hero aspect of each film? How does the article use the hero myth to explain what happened in Vietnam and how Americans might have understood the war? What conclusions does the article draw about America’s involvement in the war? In your answer, use at least two quotes from the article and explain why you chose them. Does the article offer any insights for your own interpretation of the Vietnam war? Why, why not?

I will upload the document onto my files

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