Religious studies

You are required to develop a thematic analysis of the book of Acts. A thematic analysis is very similar to an outline, except that it works in reverse: An outline begins with the general theme and moves down to the specific details supporting the theme; a thematic analysis begins with the specific details and works up to the general theme. After you determine the theme, confirm your finding by comparing it to your textbook’s identification of major themes in Acts.

Using the Thematic Analysis Template that is provided in Assignment Instructions, follow the step-by-step instructions that are described below. For additional guidance, review the Thematic Analysis sample, the Thematic Analysis Pointecast presentation, and the Thematic Analysis grading rubrics.

The Thematic Analysis is to be submitted in three stages.
• Phase 1: Give thematic titles to the paragraphs (Column 1). Phase 1 is due in Module 2.
Complete these steps using the Thematic Analysis Template provided:

1. In the first column, take each paragraph as it appears in the updated New American Standard Bible, and give it a brief title. The verses associated with each paragraph have already been identified in the template.

2. In the second column, connect related paragraphs in order to form the immediate context, and give each immediate context a title. Use the arrows provided in the template to show which sections connect and where each section ends. (Reference the Thematic Analysis Sample to see how the arrows are to be used.)

3. In the third column, connect related immediate contexts from column two, forming major points. Give each of the major points a title. Continue to use the continuing and ending arrows as appropriate.

4. In the fourth column, group major points into major sections. Your analysis must contain 3–6 major sections. Your major sections will be essentially equivalent to the Roman numeral points of an outline of Acts. Give each of these major sections a thematic title. Continue to use the continuing and ending arrows as appropriate.

5. Finally, in the fifth column, identify the major theme of the whole book of Acts. This theme is the goal of the assignment. You will only have one theme; thus, no arrows will be needed in this column. This theme is to be reflected in the thematic titles at the immediate context, major point, and major section levels. The reader should be able to see at a glance how the theme you have identified for the book of Acts develops from the paragraph to the immediate context to the major section to the major point.

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