Religious studies

Part 1

 (1) Read Ch.1 of D.T. Suzuki’s book on Meister Eckhart, and use this chapter as a case study of Christian-Buddhist dialogue with special focus on mysticism:

(a) A brief introduction to Meister Eckhart, esp. in terms of his mystical theology. You can refer to the PDF sermon in Angel’s LESSON folder.

(b) A personal assessment of D.T. Suzuki’s claim that Meister Eckhart was “Buddhist”. Do you agree? disagree? or both agree and disagree. State your view and lay out some of your own reasoning.

5 pages, double-spaced.

Part 2

(2) Choose another chapter from D.T. Suzuki’s book. Present a brief book report, and present your own view on Christian-Buddhist dialogue.

3 pages, double-spaced.




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