Religious studies

The book our Religions by Sharma is a great masterpiece that is a must read for those interested in the religion subject. This discussion will delve deeper into the main issues presented in the book. In particular, the discussion will review the second chapter of the book.

Analysis and discussion

The second chapter of the book ‘Our Religion’ is an illumination of the arguments presented in the entire book. The second chapter of the book discusses in detail the existence of many religions and their impact on human life. The chapter points that religion has become a complicated phenomenon for the human race. The growth and development of religion has prompted a rise in numerous ideas about the relation of humans with the supernatural world.

Religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity have been expounded. In this case, the chapter looks at the above mentioned religions and determines their impact on human socialization and thinking patterns. This is supposed to mean that religion does more harm than good to the human race. The author strives to look at religion from the perspective of an impediment. This is because religion has caused more human division and conflict as compared to other social aspects.

The chapter endeavors to connect religious shortcomings and the role of humans in defining their thinking and social patterns. The author has the motive of perceiving religion as a human enemy rather than friend.  The author strongly opposes religion through his indirect assertions. These assertions are manifested by the manner in which the author contrasts religion to human socialization. Up to the last point, the author is interested in showing readers why religion is a burden to human socialization.

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