Research Paper

You are a business consultant who has been engaged by a client from an MNC to consider how to develop employees’ individual decision making abilities in both high and low power distance cultures. Prepare a report to discuss the potential issues and recommend what steps need to be taken to overcome the potential issues. State clearly any assumptions you make. Support your analysis and recommendations with reference to published research and academic journals, real life examples, and other relevant and reliable sources. Length: 3000 words (excluding references)
Addition requirements:
1) Use hofstede’s dimension (power distance),
2) You need selecting at least two countries to compare (one group of high power distance countries, one group of low power distance countries), and show countries name in introduction. The countries you choose must from obvious difference culture
3). Reference: In text referencing has to be done properly. In reference list, minimum 15 journal article references; websites are not allowed, except
4). Similarity of Turnitin cannot exceed 10 percent.

Style and format:
Your Report should take the style of a business report with an executive summary (150-200 words), introduction (200-300 words), body between 2-4 (1800-2000 words),write down separately recommendation (200-300 words) and conclusion (150-200 word), followed by your List of references dimension. Typed, double spaced, standard essay format. 10-12 Point 2.5 cm margins. References in Harvard Format, Support for report preparation is available at the UniLearning site:
Supporting information:
How to reference:
How to get academic journal articles:
access user name: pc934
Password: rong818
Required text book of this subject:
Deresky, H and Christopher, E 2008, International Management, Pearson, Frenchs Forest, NSW.
Learning Outcomes and Graduate Qualities
1. Understand and evaluate from different perspectives the practices used to manage people in multi-national enterprises
2. Explain how external factors and business criteria influence decisions made by multi-national enterprises with regard to how they manage their people
3. Integrate their learning in appropriate business and academic writing

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