Research Question and Hypothesis Exercise

  1. Start your assignment with an introductory paragraph about your research topic and why it is of interest and a research “puzzle”. End your paragraph with your research question.


  1. Next, provide specific and full citations from at least three scholarly journals or books that you found that inform your research. These could certainly be items you found in your Library Exercise last week!! Please consult the Turabian Style Guide for the correct format for your citation.  You may use either Turabian Bibliography format or Turabian References format. Just be consistent!!  Above the Turabian citation, please list the type of source you are referencing.  For example, list Book, Journal Article, Website, etc.



Journal Article Published Online

Cordner, Gary and Kathryn Scarborough. 2010. Information sharing: Exploring the intersection of policing with national and military intelligence.  Homeland Security Affairs 6, no. 1:1-19. (accessed March 31, 2011).


  1.  Finally, formulate an educated guess as your preliminary Hypothesis.  You may use an “if” “then” statement or you may formulate it as a narrative statement.  Don’t get too hung up


Hypothesis:  A statement for how a change or condition in one or more independent variables cause(s) a change or condition in a dependent variable.


  1. Finally, list the dependent variable, the independent variable(s) and any other variables you deem important.


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