Response Paper #3 Evaluation Argument

Prompt: For this 1-2 page response, find an evaluation argument.
You can find an evaluation argument in the following places (and more):
? your textbook under “Evaluation Arguments”
? commercials that promote their product or demote other products
? reviews of music, movies, books, restaurants, etc.
? reviews of public policies or politicians or programs, etc.
? news stories that evaluate something as being positive or negative.
First, summarize the argument.
Second, explain how they use evaluation. Use the evaluation formula: X is good/bad Y because it has
these characteristics of a good/bad Y. The argument you find may not directly state what category they
are evaluating it as (the “Y” category) or what the criteria are for a good/bad Y, but you should be able
to deduce it based on what they do tell you.
Finally, and most importantly, explain the effectiveness of this evaluation. There are many things to
consider here. What is the category they are evaluating it as? Does that make sense? Do they use
appropriate criteria? Will it connect with their specific audience*?
*Use information about the topic, word choice, tone, context and more to presume who their intended
audience is likely to be.
Bring in a piece or two of specific evidence from your textbook chapter on evaluation argument to
support your response.
Grading Criteria:
5 points: You are able to find and summarize an evaluation argument and show clearly what the
evaluative claim is.
15 points: You are able to analyze who the audience is for the argument and whether or not this
evaluation would be effective. You show an understanding of what makes for an effective or an
ineffective evaluation argument and connect that understanding to the specific argument you found.
5 points: You bring in evidence to support your points.

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