Response to lecture on controversial literature

Hello, if you could please respond to the lecture you watched in at least 300 words or more. Include something you learned from the lecture, a comment on what you learned, and something you like to know more about. Also please respond to the response to the lecture by another student in at least 225 words.

(Lecture Site):

(Response Answer): During this lecture, I was a little taken back by some of the things that were talked about. Perhaps it was my own neglect to not knowing about these types of childrens books, or the fact that my parents and teachers were very good at filtering such topics. At first, I wasn’t sure why any teacher would want to subject these types of books to their students, and then risk being ridiculed by their parents or caregivers.

But then I sat back and realized how too often we neglect to see these issues in the students in classrooms. And too often, a simple concept can get thrown over board into a glamorized story. For example, I have read many different tales of Christopher Columbus and his voyages. Some of them were very factual and interesting. Others just seemed to glorify what the real story was. I’m not saying these other books were wrong, but just that having these factual ideas can sometimes be good for students. Students have a lot of hurt, and are not willing to be open about any of it; sometimes it’s because they are afraid or don’t know how. And reading some of these books might offer a glimps of hope to some of them who really get it and need it.

I would like to learn more about other topics that are considered controversial, and what may or may not be appropriate for young readers.

Due 6/7/10

Thank You, Richard

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