Response to lecture on picture books

Hello, if you could please respond to the lecture you watched in at least 300 words or more. Include something you learned from the lecture, a comment on what you learned, and something you like to know more about. Also please respond to this response answer in at least 200 words or more.

(Lecture Site):

(Response Answer): The lecture over picture books was very informative. I always thought of picture books as just something simple to read and never really paid attention to the factors that go into creating a good picture book. In “Rosie’s Walk”, I thought it was really neat how the text only talked about one character and action, but there was another character and action going on in the illustration. It would be interesting to see if children would be able to point that out. I also liked the definition given for a picture book. It does make sense. Since picture books have none to very little text the illustrations and small amount of words have to be absolutely perfect in order for the book to make sense and have meaning to it. Everything in the lecture I benefited from. I now know what to look for when I want to get picture books for my classroom.

Picture books that show an activity or action with just the word above it are wonderful for young children. I had a lot of them for my son and he learned the words fast by looking at the picture and then repeating the word after me.

I would like to learn more about how to present them. I would like to know some good authors of picture books, to kind of lead me in a good direction.

Thank You, Richard

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