Room 217 Self Reflection

For your self reflection you will need to think of specific assignments or moments in the class to help clarify your experience.
Because this essay is self reflection, grammar will be a much more component. The ideas and content should be individualized, so I will be looking for papers with no mechanical errors ! Revise as many times as possible.

Now  My part as a student:

Please answer at least 2 but no more than 3 of the following questions below that is least 3 page.

Start off with a metaphor and re emphasize in conclusion:

Room 217 New Year New Teacher, AP English Teacher were every senior seemed to have the most problems, but turns out she was just a very passionate teacher and she really wanted us to learned.  Senior year will be over in 3 days.
Hard Learning, AP Exams, Prom, Senior week  finally over, Next comes Graduation.

The passage above is just some ideas on how you can start off and conclude to make it a little more personal.

1) What was the one useful thing you learned in this course.
Answer:  The most useful thing I learned this course is learning to Marking-up the text.  Marking the text when reading, revising, editing, formal and informal essays, writing prompts.  ( James Baldwin, Orwell, Prose,and Emerson) Learning how to break down very difficult literature essays in a authors prospective.

2.) In what areas did you improve in the most.
Answer: The area I improved in the most is in my writing learning how to differentiate types of writing and correctly structure a formal and informal essay. Learning how to write Analysis essay, research essay, persuasive essay, rhetorical essay and etc.

3.) What problems did you encounter in this course.
The problems I encountered in this course was incorrectly writing my paper which resulted in plagiarism. Due to the workload from other classes and distrac

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