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In the late 1960s, the special weapons and tactics concept was born after some sniping incidents where civilians and police officers were attacked all around the States. Most of the incidents happened during and after the Watts Riot in Los Angeles. Officer John Nelson was the man who presented the concept of a specialized unit to Darryl F. Gates, a young inspector at the LAPD. After concurring about the proposal from Officer Nelson the concept started to take shape.  A small group of highly disciplined officers with high rank and military background was selected to be a part of a special unit that would be able to handle unusual and difficult attacks were special weapons and tactics were needed to solve a case. It all started off with a unit consisted of 15 four-man teams were every man in these teams started their special training to make sure that they were all ready for extreme situations. The Special Weapon And Tactics Team, also called the S.W.A.T are known to be a very specialized unit of law enforcement that are called in during critical situations. When there is a situation where the normally equipped and trained police personnel don’t have recourses nor have the capability to handle a case, the S.W.A.T. Team stands ready to get in and provide the help needed. This special unit comes in when the IC (Incident Commander) request their assistance. The most commonly reasons for the assistance of a S.W.A.T Team is when there is a barricade/hostage episode, and/or suicide intervention where the suspect refuses to submit to arrest as well as initiate service of high risk warrants for all Department entities.

LAPD. “S.W.A.T.” The Los Angeles Police Department. Los Angeles Police Foundation, n.d. Web. 26 Feb. 2013. <http://www.lapdonline.org/inside_the_lapd/content_basic_view/848>

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