Scholarly Artice Critique of “Encountering Plautus in the Renaissance: a humanist debate on comedy.”


to SafeAssign through Blackboard. No late submissions will be accepted (the system will not allow it). If you experience technical difficulties, you must e-mail the paper to the GTAs (and cc yourself). If all else fails, print it out and hand it to me in class by the deadline. Technical difficulties will not be an excuse for late papers. No more than 10 students will write on a single article.
Length: minimum 750 words.
This is a formal summary/commentary of a scholarly article in the field of theatre history. The main goal of this assignment is to expose you to current scholarship in the field, thereby giving you a better sense of what professional scholars do.
I strongly suggest you follow this outline:
INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH: What question is the author trying to answer? Draw on your brief background from our course to explain the importance of that question, including at least one citation from Brockett.
MAIN BODY [at least two paragraphs]: What kind of evidence does the author present? How does the author use that evidence to answer his or her question (we like to call that methodology)?
CONCLUDING PARAGRAPH: Do you think the author successfully answered the question? Why or why not? How well/to what extent? Would another kind of evidence been more useful to the author? You may use examples from Brockett and/or your coursepack to strengthen your argument, but you must include a citation from Oxford Reference Online that proves you have explored in depth other kinds of evidence that might be relevant to answering the authors question.
Be careful not to plagiarize from the abstract of the article  I need to see your own thoughts! Another common mistake is presenting a series of quotes from the article without commentary. Limit your quotes, please. Use parenthetical citations, for example: pertinent quote(Authorlast name, p. x), (Brockett, p. x), (Coursepack, p. x), (ORO, Entry Title).
Run spell-check/grammar-check
Write actual paragraphs
Do not over-quote
Do not plagiarize
At least 4 parenthetical citations (these dont need to be quotes!) WITH PAGE NUMBERS from the article
At least 1 parenthetical citation from Oxford Reference Online (with entry [aka keyword title)
At least 1 parenthetical citation from Brockett (with page number)

Examples: This assignment is an amateur version of a professional scholarly review. See You will notice that the writers of those reviews are able to place scholarship in a larger context, with references to other works outside of class. I do not expect you to be able to do that. You are not required to do research on other similar articles and books in the field  I simply want you to immerse yourself in a single scholarly article.
Articles: (choose one [you must stick to your choice from January 10 in class] these are all available electronically through CWU library, Project Muse, and librarians can likely find hard copies for you if you need them)

Richard F. Hardin, Encountering Plautus in the Renaissance: A Humanist Debate on ComedyRenaissance Quarterly 60.3 (Fall 2007): 789-818.

[Note: If you don’t have “History of the Theatre: Foundation Edition” by Oscar G. Brockett available, then I can fit a quote in.]

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