Science and Religion

Overview: In this assignment you will use the backdrop of the scientific revolution of the 1600s (particularly concerning the place of man and the earth in the universe) to attempt to answer the question of whether or not science and religion are innately/inherently at odds. Can religious belief and science be reconciled? Was the clash that occured between natural scientists (such as Galileo) and religious institutions and theologians (such as the Catholic Church and Luther) inevitable?

Requirements: Papers must be between 750 and 900 words long.
You need to use at least 3 websites for information.
You need to complete the Internet Web Site Evaluation Checklist for each
You need to use MLA citation.

Details: This assignment is designed to achieve four different goals. The first is to learn about the Scientific Revolution. The second is to learn about and explore the relationship between science and religion. The third is to allow you to become more accustomed to using LibGuide and other online resources that are available to PCCC students. The fourth is to have you choose and evaluate secondary web sources.

References: Textbook – chapter 16 Western Civilization II
LibGuide – The Scientific Revolution
At least 2 websites (other than LibGuide)
You must use at least one book (other than our textbook)

Resources: eTutoring
Writing Center
Please be aware that you are required to submit all four formal writing
assignments to either ETutoring or the Writing Center (at least one to Etutoring).

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