Security Reporting

write 5 paragraph paper with 2 references
The story goes like this
Joseph Wellington, CFE, is speaking at an industry group meeting when one of the participants asks him to explain qui tam and what the procedures of the corporation are when it comes to whistle blowing against government contractors. Mr. Wellington does not seem to panic but cannot give a clear answer. All that he tries to convey in answering the question is that you must have a legitimate case because you are dealing with the government and false accusations is an issue that can mean dismissal from the corporation.
I need the fallowing below answered with academic or real life criminal justice examples to accentuate the point.Do you think Joseph Wellington handled and answered the question in an appropriate manner? How would you have answered the question?
Do you think whistle blowing is a welcomed practice in the workplace? Why? Please provide an example to accentuate your opinion.


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