see instructions

Please follow the instructions below: APA format, written in third person, 5 references, introduction and conclusion. Title of paper is With Functioning Kidneys for All



Downloaded article.


Download and Read

Postrel, V. (2009, July 9). …With Functioning Kidneys for All. The Atlantic. Retrieve from


Create a 1925 -word APA format paper taking a position for or against the author’s position. Support your position with economic arguments and relevant economic research. Do not summarize the article, analyze it!


The article posted provides background information on an issue. You are asked to write a position paper (not an opinion piece), and support the position you selected with original academic research.  Avoid using the article as your source of information.


Remember: A minimum of five references are required. Be sure to properly cite your references. If you use an electronic source, include the URL. If you use a printed source please attach a copy of the data to your paper.


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