see paper instuctions

Hi writer, firstly, I want to let you know that you just to answer two questions will be fine. Thus, please help me to write the two paragraphs will be done; you don’t need to waste your time to write 2 pages.
I will give you some of my answer, please help me to make it longer.

a) Why have you failed to make satisfactory academic progress?
For my personal reasons:
1: I emigrate from China and I am not good at English.
2: I changed my major from Psychology to Chemistry, so I need to restudy a lot of classes.
3. My dad had a surgery in China, so I need to take care of my mom and my brothers.
So Writer, please using those reasons to answer above question and write a paragraph.

B) What has changed or what steps have you taken that will allow you to make satisfactory academic progress this semester.

Thank you so much.

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