Serving Customers in Global Markets

The purpose of this Individual Assignment is to help you understand marketing (especially aspects of marketing communications, the 7Ps, services marketing, customer focus, STP, and relationship marketing) through acting as a �mystery shopper� and directly analysing your experiences as a �customer� or �client� or �consumer� in the �Service Encounter�.

Service Encounters:
A �Service Encounter� is something that we experience every day, often without even thinking about it. It occurs when we as customers come into direct face-to-face contact with the employee of the company, organisation, or institution providing the service. On a routine everyday basis (i), this could be something simple like buying a newspaper, a take-away coffee, or an Oyster Card. On a less everyday level (ii) it could be attending an event like an art exhibition, live concert or performance, opening a new bank account, or buying new clothes for a special purpose. On a larger scale (iii), it could be renting or buying a new flat, booking a major flight / holiday, buying a new car, staying in an upmarket hotel, or buying a new laptop. These are examples, but it is up to you to provide a varied range of three (3) interesting and stimulating mystery shopper experiences, which are significant enough for you to analyse and discuss.

Your task is to use the three (3) templates provided below to comprehensively record, detail, and analyse your three (3) fresh Service Encounters that you experience during Week 20, Activity Week.

You will then, in the final template, based on your three (3) Service Encounters, and using appropriate models, theories, and concepts which we have studied, explain, discuss, and analyse the importance of contemporary marketing, and specifically the direct customer interface, for companies, organisations, and institutions, in order to satisfy and retain customers long-term. This section should be presented and referenced, using the Harvard system, and written in an academic and analytical style (approx. 1,000 words)

Learning Outcomes:
On completing the assignment, students will be able to:
� Identify and evaluate the traditional and non-traditional approaches to learning about markets
� Understand the challenges involved in the marketing and management of products and service operations both domestically and internationally and the key differences between them
� Use, in a discriminating way, a range of the key analytical tools relevant to the customer experience

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