situational analysis

You work for Toyota Australia and the Marketing and Events Team (you are the team leader) are required to plan and implement the launch event for a new Toyota Hybrid Cruiser designed and built at the Australian factories for Australian conditions. The event will have a festival atmosphere, including some VIP and public events, and will be held over the weekend of Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May, 2013 at Federation Square.

Many dignitaries and VIP will be in attendance, including the senior management staff from Toyota Australia. The head office in Japan will have in attendance the CEO, CSR Director and the Senior Managing Director of Finance, along with their families. The touring party will arrive Thursday evening at 11.45pm and depart Tuesday morning at 2.00am. This event will showcase the Australian operations to Head Office.

The Question which you need to answer is:
Do a situational analysis (mock) of the proposed Festival, mentioning what the primary objective and the sub-objectives are?

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