Social Class structure in the United States

1. Define the key terms used to analyze the class structure.  Include a brief description of other economic stratification systems as found in your text.
2. Describe the different social and economic lifestyles among the different social classes.  Include a discussion of the very wealthy as outlined by Dr. William Domhoff. Describe the different jobs that journalist B. Ehrenreich performed in her analysis of the working class found in “Nickel and Dimed.”  Continue your paper by discussing the causes of inequality and the functions of poverty.
3. The next section of the paper will be an examination of what you have learned about social class and the functions and dysfunctions of inequality.
4. In the last section of the paper you will need to provide a critique of the class structure.  Remember complete inequality and total equality are both unrealistic and probably not desirable. However, between these two extremes are myriad of options. Reflecting on Rawls, what type of inequalities would be preferable for your “ideal” society?

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