Social Work and Human Services

You will need to analyze the policies and culture of a social services agency or business. Use ASU to discuss the climate and culture at ASU. To address the employment policies at ASU, please see the Human Resources policies which are available on-line.

You will consider your agency’s responsiveness to LGBT issues. You will examine both the agency’s formal policies concerning serving LGBT people and families and employing LGBT people; and the climate and culture at your agency concerning serving and employing LGBT people and families. A list of questions for you to consider are below. The paper should be in paragraph form with complete sentences and reflect on the questions below through discussion. If you cannot find or cannot determine the answers to the questions below, discuss the meaning of that.
LOOK AT: visit: or and ASU’s human resources website

A conclusion must be included that reflects critical thought concerning your overall opinion about the agency’s formal and informal responsiveness to serving and employing LGBT people.Please be sure that your paper reflects what has been taught throughout the course of the semester. Points will be deducted if you make statements that are contrary to what has been taught over the course of the semester (e.g. stating that because the agency is an EEOC business they cannot discriminate against LGBT people).

The paper should be 2 to 3 pages in length and adhere to APA formatting guidelines(1 inch margins, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, double-spaced throughout, ect),
Please note that the default style in Microsoft Word 07 and 10 DOES NOT conform to APA formatting. An APA Presentation is posted under the Assignments tab in the APA Resources folder. If you do not know how to change the style in MS 07/10, please refer to this presentation. An abstract is not necessary, nor is a running header. Please make sure your name is on the title page. The title page and reference page are not included in the page count.

Questions to consider with respect to policies and culture of serving LGBT people & families:
? Does the agency have written and specific non-discrimination policies concerning serving LGBT people?
? Does the agency include LGBT people and issues in sensitivity trainings?
? Are the unique needs of serving LGBT people & families considered, and if so, how?
? Are LGBT people/families included in depictions of people/families served by the agency?
? Do the forms/paperwork completed by clients and providers used by the agency include non-heteroist language (i.e. could an LGBT person use the form as written to depict his/her identity and family, or would an LGBT person have to cross out words like, “spouse” and replace it with partner, “father” and replace it with second parent, or “male/female” and replace it with transgender)?
? If you needed assistance from this agency and were a sexual orientation or sexual identity minority, would you feel comfortable coming out to the providers? If you did come out, do you believe it would affect delivery of your services?

Questions to consider with respect to the policies and culture of employing LGBT people:
? Does the agency have a written and specific non-discrimination policy concerning employing LGBT people?
? Does the agency’s health insurance benefit package cover domestic partners and the children of domestic partners?
? Do the agency’s retirement and life insurance packages allow employees to name domestic partners and the children of domestic partners as beneficiaries?
? Do the agency’s leave policies cover domestic partners and their children? If an LGBT employee’s partner became disabled or had a baby would the employee be able to take the same kind of leave taken by employees who are not LGBT?
? Do any of the health insurance packages offered to employees cover sexual reassignment surgery and/or hormone replacement therapy?
? Are “soft” benefits such as discounted memberships to fitness centers or businesses (e.g. Costco or Sam’s Club), or discounted rates on car insurance or cell phone plans that are available to employee’s families also extended to domestic partners and the children of domestic partners?
? Is the climate of the agency receptive to LGBT employees? Would you place a picture of your same-sex partner on your desk at the agency? Would you bring your same-sex partner to a happy hour or holiday celebration with other employees?
? Are LGBT employees’ families given the same consideration as other employees’ families? If employee’s children’s births, graduations, and weddings are acknowledged, would your same-sex partner’s children be acknowledged similarly? If the partner of an LGBT employee died would his/her colleagues donate to send flowers or all sign a card?
? Does the leadership/administration embrace LGBT people and families? If heteroist jokes or abusive language toward LGBT people are used, does the leadership attempt to correct such language? If so, is the correction similar in consequence to sanctions for making racist jokes or comments (i.e. would use of the “n” word receive the same consequence as use of the word, “fag”)?

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