Sociological analysis

The goal of this project is to present a sociological analysis of a short story/essay/poems (“Schizophrenia by Jim Stevens) and point to specific rhetorical strategies used in the text that supports your interpretation. This is to say that the project is an exercise in looking at how modern writing comments upon contemporary society and social issues (issues that effect groups of people).

Task: Choose a specific social issue from s story/essay/poem (“Schizophernia by Jim Stevens) assigned for this unit and argue how you think the text should be understood in the terms of a social issue at work in the text, based on the evidence you see in the text (that is, the rhetorical strategies used in the text). Do not focus on every aspect or every issue present in the entire piece. Instead, write about one particular issue that you see at work in the piece.

You should use examples from your your chosen text to support your interpretation. Make sure every point in your paper (every argument you make regarding the issue you choose) is backed up by rhetorical strategies you see at work in the text and specific details that show how these strategies are used to comment upon social issued.  Use quotations where necessary and appropriate, and do so judiciously.

Remember, this is an argument: You must persuade your readers to accept your interpretation. This paper is not a summary of the text. Do not simply retell the events of the story. Assume your audience is already familiar with the text, but that they haven’t looked at the piece in as much depth as you are.

You must have atleast 2 outside sources. The outside sources should explain your social issue and its importance and/or deepen your argument about your interpretation of the text itself.

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