Sociology paper

If your paper is too short, margins or fonts are too big or there are spelling, grammar or punctuation problems you will lose points. Please follow the following format:

3-4 pages long (for example: if you submit 2/3 of your paper, you will receive 2/3 of your grade)
type your paper using a 12 point font.
use 1 inch margins on all sides
grammar, spelling and punctuation should be correct (please proofread!!!)
Bibliography is mandatory
To earn full points you must write in a thorough, thoughtful manner. Be sure to explain your reasoning for your ideas/opinions. Use your textbook and class notes to remind yourself of what the key terms mean. Don’t base the paper solely on opinion or personal knowledge. Make sure you gather facts to support your points. You must use at least 1 source (your textbook may be used).
You are expected to use at least 20 terms from the textbook that specifically relate to this Sociology course. Each of those terms should appear in bold letters the first time it is used (you will only bold the same word once, and that word can only be counted once).
As you write your scholarly paper, you will also need to explain many of those terms in your paper. I expect that you will have a few direct quotes from the book, but most of the explanations must be offered in your own words. You must still state which source was used to gather this information. APA style is required. A bibliography is mandatory.
At least one source should be used, and that source can be your textbook for this class.
I recommend that you use the study guides to help you identify some of the key terms.

Your paper MUST be submitted through the assignment drop, otherwise it will not be graded. DO NOT E-MAIL YOUR ASSIGNMENT.

NOTE: Your paper will be automatically submitted to TurnItIn to check for plagiarism. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a zero on the writing assignment. Additionally, violators may be referred to the Academic Dean for further review. Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, copying sentences and not indicating the source, passing on someone else’s work as your own, providing incomplete/incorrect source information. In such a short paper, you should only use your own words and stay away from quotations altogether. In other words: paraphrase. Even when you use your own words, the ideas must be researched and therefore the sources must be properly cited throughout. The paper included in this assignment is a perfect example of a scholarly written paper. Take note of the citations within the paragraphs THROUGHOUT THE PAPER and of the bibliography at the end. Your paper should look similar.

Upload instructions: Please use Netscape or Mozilla Firefox to access the internet when you are ready to upload your paper. Internet Explorer sometimes has loading issues, which may result in hours of loading without any result.

Choose ONE of the following topics

Gender: Gender inequality – Should men be the bread winner and woman the home maker as its depicted in media and advertising?

Race: Discuss racism in the US and compare it to racism elsewhere. Use at least one specific example of a real case in each of the countries you discuss. This case may be a recent case described in a news paper, or a court case. Remember to document your sources.

Social inequality: Is there a difference between social inequality based on money, class, name, age etc.

Family: Marriage and family: Arranged marriage when compared to choosing own life partners. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each OR Marriage between the same sexes – should be made legal or not. Please do not only focus on religious reasons to justify your answers. Look at the legalities of this topic as well.

Stratification: Absolute poverty vs. Relative poverty- the causes and ways to remove it. Give specific examples of places and/or countries.

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