Sources of Particle Pollution Affecting Public Health Within the Sub-Sahara Region

•    What is particle pollution? How does it affect ones health?

•    Urbanization causes particle pollution
o    Indoor and outdoor air pollution
o    Motor vehicle pollution
Emissions from motor vehicle pollution have a significant impact on the atmosphere and on climate change.
•    Carbon dioxide emissions
When emission age and mixes, it changes the atmosphere.
•    How it affects public health
Disease related issues (illnesses)
o    Solid waste management
•    Uncontrolled burning of trash and vegetation
•    Damages our ecosystem
o    Construction
•    Lack of appropriate siting, design, operation or maintenance of dumps and landfills. Dumpsites that are unlined, can cause runoff to contaminate surface and ground water.
o    Factories
•    Climate Change is a result of particle pollution
o    Direct impact
•    Change in weather
•    Heat waves
o    Outcome: Respiratory disease, hyperthermia, heat stress,
•    Droughts
•    Floods
o    Indirect impact
•    Food shortage
•    Toxicant exposure
•    Decreased water
•    Population displacement
•    Infectious diseases
•    Allergic diseases
•    Disparities associated with particle pollution
o    Socio-economic status
o    Health burdens
•    Children’s health
•    Women’s health
•    Strategies to reduce particle pollution
o    Air quality guide for particle pollution
o    Policies and monitoring guidelines
o    Improve community based solid waste management
•    Sanitary landfills
o    Using social marketing to bring awareness on the burden of particle pollution on the public’s health
•    Public Health outcomes after particle pollution is redused
o    A successful intervention
•    Assessment, policy development and assurance
•    Logic model
•    Conclusion

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